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Benefits of Essential Oils in Energy or Frequency Work

Sunday, December 17, 2023 5:51 AM | Shannon Bachorick

By Jeannine Millan, RA®, EOT®, RMT®, and Usui Reiki master/teacher

Benefits of Essential Oils in Energy or Frequency Work

Over the years, I have come to find that essential oils are an integral part of my overall combined therapy that I give each client.  

Let’s begin with the known frequencies of the oils. These have been spoken of by many aromatherapists and companies that market essential oils.  

Getting a frequency to be absolute is tough as each batch of oil can have a completely different frequency due to growing issues, hydration that season, and location of growing area.  The best we can do is go with the standard frequency count that a MLM did back in the 1990s.  

Frequencies of Essential Oils and Their Benefits for the Spiritual Aspect

The human body vibrates at 62–78 MHz and the human brain vibrates at 72 MHz.

The neck up vibrates at 72–78 and the body vibrates at 60–68 MHz.

The thyroid and parathyroid vibrate at 62–68 MHz.

The thymus gland vibrates at 65–68 MHz.

The heart vibrates at 67–70 MHz.

The lungs vibrate at 58–65 MHz.

The liver vibrates at 55–60 and the pancreas at 60–80 MHz.

Cells begin to change when your frequency drops below 60 MHz.

You can develop cold or flu symptoms at 58 MHz.

Candida can set in at 55 MHz.

A serious condition like cancer can begin to thrive at 42 MHz.

The death process begins at 20 MHz.

Essential oils can help keep your frequency up to ward off some of these conditions. 

Let’s say you were measured by a biofeedback machine and your frequency was at 68 MHz. If you pick up a cup of coffee, your frequency will drop by three points. 

If you remove the coffee and smell an essential oil, your frequency can go up by three or more points, depending on the oil and its frequency.  

The key is to maintain a frequency at 70 MHz or more by removing foods, drinks and environmental conditions that will drop your frequency. If you are often in compromising situations where the environment or area you live in is out of your control, then you need to rely on your choices in other areas to make up the difference.

Consider living by the 80/20% rule, meaning 80% of the time you are adhering to your idea of good lifestyle habits and 20% of the time you could be enjoying some items or events (concerts, games, flights) where your environment may be compromised. Utilizing essential oils in these cases can be highly beneficial.   

Essential oil (undiluted)

 Frequency in MHz
 Rose oil  320
 Helichrysum  180
 Frankincense  147
 Ravensara  134
 Lavender  118
 Myrrh  105
 German chamomile (blue)  105
 Bergamot  105
 Melissa  102
 Juniper berry  98
 Sandalwood  96

Higher frequencies are of optimal benefit; however, not everyone will feel great around the higher frequencies as they can be stimulating.  

People with ADHD or autism may benefit from lower-frequency oils as they can be less stimulating. It is worth noting that lavender is a higher frequency oil but overall is a balancer so if you’re agitated it will help reduce the anxiety.

There are thousands of oils and all of them have a frequency but many have not been recorded. The above mentioned frequencies are the ones I have found. Your frequency can be determined through a biofeedback session. Seek out one near you. 

There are many other foods, drinks, supplements and activities that can raise your frequency. Here are a few examples: 

Fresh foods: 20–27 MHz

Fresh herbs: 20–27 MHz

Dried foods: 15–22 MHz

Canned food: 0 MHz

Practise mediation, yoga, qigong, tai chi, any mindful or spiritually connected activity, reiki energy healing, or other type of modality for energy. 

Prayer, positive intent programs, listening to 528 MHz frequency or higher music.

Pure spring water, using crystals in your water, tinctures from an organic source.

Purchase or grow your own organic foods, vegetables, and microgreens without pesticides and avoid conventional agriculture if possible. A tower garden is great for those who do not have a back yard or access to a garden. As a bonus, you can get the vegetables and herbs year-round with a tower garden.  

It is also great to be mindful of what you are thinking about throughout the day. In today’s world we are inundated with bad news, whether it’s on the regular news stations, TV or movies or even on the alternative news networks. You must decide just how much you can absorb daily and stick to that as your boundary.  

Listing or saying out loud what you are grateful for each day is great practice. The more positive thoughts your mind gets to process, the less likely you are to fall into the abyss or feel overwhelmed.

My Experiences Using Essential oils for Energywork

Frankincense is a must as it has a high frequency to knock out or remove stagnant energies around the body within our etheric fields. I prefer the frereana chemotype as it is subtle but seems to have a higher frequency. 

Chakras within the etheric system are portals that connect to certain endocrine glands within our body and give energy workers and yoga practitioners a sense of the person's energy system. The seven major chakras are: 

Crown energy from universe, heaven, God, Buddha, Allah all come through your crown portal. This portal should be left open to absorb the positive energies from whomever you feel is up there for you. Rosewood, frankincense, and sandalwood are best here. I drop one or all the oils onto the crown, which is on the top of your head. Frankincense helps quieten the mind, and get rid of the chatter, so to speak, so you can focus on a meditation or yoga breathing practice. I make sprays for the entire chakra system. You can make a spray or just anoint yourself on the areas listed.

Third eye is situated just outside of but between your two physical eyes and is the woman’s power centre. Our intuition lies here and our ability to see others on a spiritual scale. When this is blocked, headaches and facial twitching can occur, to name a few. The best oils for this are juniper berry and rosemary.

Throat is all about communication, speaking, writing, or non-verbal communication. Often this chakra is cluttered and needs support and clearing. Best oils for this are the chamomiles, both German and Roman. A spray made with the chamomiles and rose, if you have it, are ideal. All you need of rose oil is just a drop. It magnifies the spray, blend or cream with as little as that and raises the frequency of whatever you put it in. These chamomile oils are also beneficial for people about to pass over. They help them to see the journey ahead and not feel scared to go. 

Heart is all about love: love for self, others, and the world we live in. This is usually quite depleted with most people and the blend of rose, neroli, ylang ylang and bergamot can set this on a better path. Much may be needed in regards to forgiveness and patience.  

Solar plexus is the man’s power centre. Most martial arts teach that as well. This chakra reflects control issues, either within us or put upon us. This chakra energetically feeds the others so it is crucial that it not become depleted. Juniper berry and vetiver are good ones to use on this area.  

Sacral islocated in the belly or belly button and reflects the images in our mind and bodies. The sweetness of sandalwood and ylang ylang makes for a great body spray.  

Root is connected to your root of life. Your work, family, and connection to community are all reflected in this chakra. It’s the grounding chakra connection to earth. The oils are myrrh and patchouli.

To make a spray, ideally the mixture is 3%. I use an emulsifier but aloe vera gel can do well. Cover the bottom of the sprayer with the emulsifier or gel then add your essential oils to that then mix and top off with distilled water. Distilled water is crucial as all other waters will have elements in them like calcium which can eventually block the sprayer. For a 30 mL bottle, add 0.9 mL of oils or 20 drops; 60 mL bottle, add 1.8 mL or 40–45 drops of essential oil, 120 mL bottle, add 3.60mL or 90 drops of essential oil.

About the author: Jeannine Millan, RA®, EOT®, RMT®, and Usui Reiki master/teacher has worked with essential oils since about 2000 in her massage therapy practice and when teaching Reiki.  Visit for more information about Jeannine’s offerings.


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