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    • Saturday, April 22, 2023
    • Sunday, April 23, 2023
    • 2 sessions
    • Coast Tsawwassen Inn

    The Canadian Alliance of Aromatherapy presents Dr. Kelly Ablard and Essential Oil Sustainability in Aromatherapy Practice

    You will learn key concepts to essential oil sustainability and the role of Indigenous Communities in conservation, develop practical skills, and build a toolkit to incorporate into your a practice.

    Dr. Kelly Ablard RA® EOT®, MIFPA, MSc, Ph.D. who holds a Doctorate in Biology, an MSc in Conservation, a BSc in Biology (cum laude), is a certified aromatherapist and member of the CAOA! As founder and CEO of Airmid Institute, she is dedicated to the global education, research, and conservation of medicinal and aromatic plants.

    Dr. Ablard introduced some of our members to sustainability and conservation concepts during a CAOA webinar in August 2022. This event expands on the information she provided and includes new content. Here is what some of our members said about the August webinar:

    "Such an interesting topic; I learned so much!"

    "Thank you, Dr. Ablard. I didn't know how much there was to learn about sustainability."

    "This webinar was excellent. I can be more responsible when selecting which essential oils to use."

    You can join us live and in person at the Coast Tsawwassen Inn in Tsawwassen, BC, or you can attend via live stream over zoom. If you join us live, you will also enjoy a catered lunch each day.


    Day 1

    • Introduction to sustainability concepts
    • Climate change and its impact on essential and carrier oil-bearing plants
    • Evidence-based research on sustainability and essential and carrier oil-bearing plants (e.g., black spruce Picea mariana)
    • Importance of essential oil-bearing plant diversity (chemotypes)
    • The connection between Indigenous communities and biodiversity 

    Day 2

    • Ethical Sourcing guidance (perspective of supplier and consumer) Frankincense (Boswellia spp.) and white sage (Salvia apiana) as models
    • Airmid Institute Sustainability Standards using Western Australian (Santalum spicatum) as an example
    • Plants of Least Concern
    • Analog examples and how to create analogs to threatened and near-threatened plant sources
    • Other steps we can take toward protecting these plants


    Available for two weeks after the event for paying members only. Those who do not attend the live event must submit an essay for CE credits.

    Participants will earn 12 Direct Aromatherapy CECs from the CAOA.

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