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Webinar - David Crow Webinar Series: Exploring the Inner Dimensions of Essential Oils

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A webinar series of aromatic storytelling and contemplative study of essential oils, exploring: 1. How ecosystems influence the production and therapeutic benefits of oils in plants 2. The cosmological energies and elements of Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine found in essential oils, their chemistry and their fragrances 3.Modern uses of essential oils according to their traditional uses in herbal medicine 4. The spiritual relationships between plants and human consciousness 5. Climate change and sustainability issues of essential oils 6. The people, farms and projects producing specific oils We will also review important protocols for using essential oils safely, including: 1. When and where essential oils are a primary modality and when they should be avoided 2. Fraudulent claims about essential oil uses that are leading to adverse reactions 3. Best methods of applications 4. Simple combinations of essential oils with herbal protocols
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