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Webinar - Dr. Timothy Miller's Workshop: AromaChemistry and Pharmacokinetics

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Day 1 AromaChemistry: Roll up your sleeves and get ready to see chemistry in a whole new light! Dr. Tim is going to show you how fascinating AromaChemistry is and how you can use chemistry in a profound and impactful way. We will revisit some of the basics of chemistry as well as explore functional groups and their generalized therapeutic indications. We will outline some of the most important and juicy chemistry details so that you, the aromatherapy practitioner, can enhance your aromatic practice and deepen your understanding of chemistry and AromaChemistry Day 2 Pharmacokinetics: It can be frustrating when our aromatic interventions aren't effective. Aromatherapy works, of course, but what tends to be missing for many aromatherapists is a holistic and deepened understanding of how the body works. Pharmacokinetics is often one of the missing links. Pharmacokinetics is of crucial importance to those seeking to fully understand the therapeutic dynamics of essential oils. Pharmacokinetics is how the body interacts with essential oil components and how these compounds are metabolized and excreted from the body. It is a vital aspect of aromatherapy and can enable practitioners to maximize the efforts of their treatments. As a chemistry nerd and naturopathic doctor. Dr. Tim will share practical information to deepen your understanding of Aromatherapy and the science behind it! By combining our knowledge of essential oils with a foundation in pharmacokinetics, we open ourselves to the possibility of a truly holistic practice and empower ourselves to develop safe and effective treatment plans. This course is designed to be a low-pressure, fun learning environment where we start at the most fundamental, basic level for all topics discussed. Absolutely no prior understanding of chemistry or pharmacokinetics needed - we are starting at square one and use easy-to-understand language throughout the course!
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