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President's Message- November 2022 EO Blend

Saturday, November 26, 2022 6:49 AM | Kathleen Jaggassar (Administrator)

Hello everyone,

In my President's message this month, I mentioned a diffuser blend I enjoyed.

I have included the recipe below for you.

  • Bitter Orange (5 drops)
  • Rose (1 drop)
  • Jasmine (1 drop)
  • Neroli (1 drop)
  • Sandalwood (4 drops)

This blend has a calming effect. However, it is also high in monoterpenes, at 44%, so it might also help with congestion (LabAroma, 2022); it is always helpful to have a decongestant around this time of year! Remember that monoterpenes oxidize easily and may irritate mucous membranes and the skin. So take care. You can view additional safety information here.

Physically, the blend ranks high for the reproductive system and skin (LabAroma, 2022). Although I intend not to aid either of the systems, I will not turn down the help! 

I used LabAroma to help formulate this blend and review its chemical properties. If you haven't used LabAroma, I highly recommend it. They also give CAOA members a discount. 

I hope you enjoy this blend as much as I did. 


LabAroma. (2022, November, 22). Presidents Message November 2022

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